Sunday, October 21, 2012

What my Fall Break consisted of:thankfulness

This past week has been WCHS(Warren County High School) fall break consisting of ten whole days off! Lucky us :)  School has been so stressful and being in a Government class this semester I get asked A LOT of questions about being LDS.  Don't get me wrong, I am NOT ASHAMED(efy2012- Romans 1:16;) of the gospel of Christ, but it is a lil' bit nerve wracking when even the teacher asks you hard questions!  Then some of my closer friends of the past two years have not been going down the safe road in life, and I have had a hard time finding my right "group of friends" outside of my amazing church friends.  If you go to Warren County High..just for a day.. you would understand. Because I was so down, I decided to pray, and I got the answer that I needed to reach out to people that looked lonely. I actually came across a scripture while reading last week, and that is my post fall break goal! I will let you know how it goes, but I am very excited! #spiritualexperiencenumberone
     In our ward, the Mcminnville ward, our YW president assigned a "hero book" she found on theredheadedhostess blog.  For this project, you do an intense study of any hero of your choice for two solid weeks, then record your testimony at the end of the book.  I was SO pumped about this assignment, and really personalized it to be my own.  I really pondered on what hero I should pick.  I wanted to do one that I didn't know as well, so that I could learn more.  I found my answer that night while reading in Luke about how the savior promised Zacharias and Elizabeth a son to be named John.  A distinct thought occurred that I needed to do Rebekah at the well, and how she was so in-tune with the spirit.  I knew I had to learn and study her.  She was my hero.  So I started my two week study, and it was very successful.  If I could tell you one thing about that amazing woman, it would be that she studied, prayed and communicated with Heavenly Father 24/7! She had a constant relationship with Christ and he with her.  She was able to recieve revelation to let strangers use her vase to feed the camels and themselves.

So..I finished my hero book on Thursday morning, before seminary started.  I babysit six sweet kiddos quite regularly, and that night Sarayah, first grader, asked if I would attend her birthday party.  I went.. and talked to Sis. Kastello.  She told me she had prayed so hard to help her adopt a baby.  She had been for six weeks, and they recieved a call that afternoon for a baby in Delaware that was premature, weighing three pounds.  She showed me a picture, the sweet girl was the SMALLEST baby I had ever seen in my life.  She didn't have any hair, and was hooked up to a ventalator in the hospital.  I was in shock.  well.. the next day, I went to visit my grandma and left my phone in the car for two hours.  When I came back, I noticed I had six missed calls, two voicemails, and about 7 texts.  Sister Kastello's voicemail said,"hi, sweetie.  We are about to board a plane to Delaware to adopt the girl, I know this is crazy but if there is any chance can you watch the kids this week, I love you, I have to go cause we're about to take off but call me ASAP. love you". WOW. so many emotions, I wanted to relax this fall break, finish my Work and Glory book, do my college paper due the next week, catch up on scripture study, etc.  I headed straight to their house and put the kids to bed.  When I called Sister Kastello the following day, she had just saw the little girl and decided to name her "REBEKAH" becuase she had thanked Heavenly Father for blessing her with this beautiful baby girl and that she couldn't have any children.  We were crying on the phone together.. happy tears.  I am so grateful of the powerful examples in my life.  She is so intune with the spirit and I look up to her.  They came home last night and the baby is seriously so special.  I love her to death, and I know she has a special purpose because she was sent to the best family ever.  I'm grateful for these sweet moments I have had this special fall break. baby sister, and cancer survivor(wow, that feels AMAZING to say) is DONE WITH TREATMENTS AT THE HOSPITAL. how very blessed I am!  We love her so much and grateful we are a forever family. xoxo

put your best foot forward. always.
Words from Marilyn

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let freedom ring!

Happy forth of July!! Kelsi was inpatient at the hospital that day so of course we went up to see her. :) Hope your day was as magical and fun as mine!
Or the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer lovin'

turquoise and coral
thinking about this dress as my sweet sixteen dress! For this very special occasion.. I have to find "the perfect one"
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any suggestions? looove the color yellow!!! and polka dots. I'm obsessed. Well got to get back to my kiddos!! Andrew told her she had a surprise at 12:30.  We heard several VROOOMMM's and looked out the window.  Andrew had gotten a motorcycle crew together for a surprise for Coreena.  It was ADORABLE. Picnic, no kids, and a nice ride through country roads? I'm just going to have to put that on my future dates list. ;) happy sunday! xoxo aly

ps: 11 days till BIG ole' sixteen party ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As of late..

Summer has officially started and it could not have started off any funner!! I babysat my sweet cousins as their parents went down to look at houses in FL.  Lets just say, I LOVED being a little mommy for four days.  They were such good kids, and I loved every second with them!! Their Nana on the other side, who spoils them a lot ;), even bought me a pair of TOMS for her gratitude of me watching them.  How nice of her. :) I am LOVING them! Thanks, Linda! :) Zach is coming to Tennessee in July and our family CAN NOT wait!! We are planning so many fun things, and he sure is in for a treat. I can't wait for him to hear all the accents ha ha ;). 

     Lake parties at my BFF katherines lake house!! Shaving Cream fight round 2.
This is kind of blurry, but all my friends I met at this dance left for BYU summer semester. Going to miss them but looking forward to makeing new friends. :)
And going to see this little cutie pie at Vanderbuilt. Antibodies have been soooooooooooo hard on her.  We just didnt exspect it! Keep her in your prayers.

 and girls camp!! But, I do not have my pictures downloaded on her yet, so I will make a seperate blog post so tune in. Happy Wednesday and Merry Summer! :)
xoxo aly

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sophmore memories

Summerrrr!! So literally, my bio friends and I were counting down the seconds until summer on Friday.  Remember on High School Musical when they counted down and then threw stuff in the air?  Haha.. well we did the same.  Got a 4.0 this year, beat my 5K time for XC and spent loads time with my adorable, sister, Kelsi! Felt like an accomplished year! :) Here are some highlights of my sophmore year:
-Elected as sophmore homecoming attendant and got to be in a gorgeous parade through downtown Mcminnville, and walked during half time of homecoming football game.  Drew Davidson was my escort and we had a really fun time!  My sweet basketball team made T-shirts(without me knowing) and suprised me by being on the field while I walked down the isle.  My dress was kind of immodest, but thanks to my wonderful mother, and other attendants, we all wore a shawl.  Great night!

-Got my young womens honor bee! :) First girl from my ward to complete it.

-Went to midnight release of hunger games with my besties!! Great acting, Emmett! Proud of you :)

-My sweet two year old sister celebrated her second birthday on February 18th. Chicken parties are so much fun!

-Went to the wonderful state of Florida with my bestie!! Loved every minute of it and met some cool people(Lorenzo hahah ;)

-4.0 sophmore year waddupp ;)
-My amazing addiction of sewing, thanks to my aunt Holly!! We literally have made like 30 skirts of this pattern. haha :) and lots of fun, craftsy projects that keep cute kelsi's closet stocked. :)

-Sophmore Student council president!!

-Volunteering at two blood drives in Kelsi's honor. She has had over 30 transfusions--lost count. :)

-fun stake dances :)

-Bryce got his eagle!! Pround of him. He is at boys legion state right now and a academic camp all expence paid trip to Arkansas next week!

-Best friend leaving me for BYU in the fall. Gonna miss her!!

-Gearing up for mine and my best friend, Katherine Hitchcock's sweet sixteen. It's going to be amazing and we are gathering ideas!!

-And looooots of driving!! Sixteen in two months!! where does time go? ;)
Hope you have had a blessed year and I hope to update this more often ;)  Kelsi is DONE with radiation tomorrow. YAY! next antibodies.. antibiotics.. medicines.. scans.. treatments.. but we're getting closer.  Please continue to pray the spots on her lungs are just fungus. Pray for fungus ;) will update soon.


XOXO, aly