Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer lovin'

turquoise and coral
thinking about this dress as my sweet sixteen dress! For this very special occasion.. I have to find "the perfect one"
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any suggestions? looove the color yellow!!! and polka dots. I'm obsessed. Well got to get back to my kiddos!! Andrew told her she had a surprise at 12:30.  We heard several VROOOMMM's and looked out the window.  Andrew had gotten a motorcycle crew together for a surprise for Coreena.  It was ADORABLE. Picnic, no kids, and a nice ride through country roads? I'm just going to have to put that on my future dates list. ;) happy sunday! xoxo aly

ps: 11 days till BIG ole' sixteen party ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As of late..

Summer has officially started and it could not have started off any funner!! I babysat my sweet cousins as their parents went down to look at houses in FL.  Lets just say, I LOVED being a little mommy for four days.  They were such good kids, and I loved every second with them!! Their Nana on the other side, who spoils them a lot ;), even bought me a pair of TOMS for her gratitude of me watching them.  How nice of her. :) I am LOVING them! Thanks, Linda! :) Zach is coming to Tennessee in July and our family CAN NOT wait!! We are planning so many fun things, and he sure is in for a treat. I can't wait for him to hear all the accents ha ha ;). 

     Lake parties at my BFF katherines lake house!! Shaving Cream fight round 2.
This is kind of blurry, but all my friends I met at this dance left for BYU summer semester. Going to miss them but looking forward to makeing new friends. :)
And going to see this little cutie pie at Vanderbuilt. Antibodies have been soooooooooooo hard on her.  We just didnt exspect it! Keep her in your prayers.

 and girls camp!! But, I do not have my pictures downloaded on her yet, so I will make a seperate blog post so tune in. Happy Wednesday and Merry Summer! :)
xoxo aly