Monday, May 21, 2012

Sophmore memories

Summerrrr!! So literally, my bio friends and I were counting down the seconds until summer on Friday.  Remember on High School Musical when they counted down and then threw stuff in the air?  Haha.. well we did the same.  Got a 4.0 this year, beat my 5K time for XC and spent loads time with my adorable, sister, Kelsi! Felt like an accomplished year! :) Here are some highlights of my sophmore year:
-Elected as sophmore homecoming attendant and got to be in a gorgeous parade through downtown Mcminnville, and walked during half time of homecoming football game.  Drew Davidson was my escort and we had a really fun time!  My sweet basketball team made T-shirts(without me knowing) and suprised me by being on the field while I walked down the isle.  My dress was kind of immodest, but thanks to my wonderful mother, and other attendants, we all wore a shawl.  Great night!

-Got my young womens honor bee! :) First girl from my ward to complete it.

-Went to midnight release of hunger games with my besties!! Great acting, Emmett! Proud of you :)

-My sweet two year old sister celebrated her second birthday on February 18th. Chicken parties are so much fun!

-Went to the wonderful state of Florida with my bestie!! Loved every minute of it and met some cool people(Lorenzo hahah ;)

-4.0 sophmore year waddupp ;)
-My amazing addiction of sewing, thanks to my aunt Holly!! We literally have made like 30 skirts of this pattern. haha :) and lots of fun, craftsy projects that keep cute kelsi's closet stocked. :)

-Sophmore Student council president!!

-Volunteering at two blood drives in Kelsi's honor. She has had over 30 transfusions--lost count. :)

-fun stake dances :)

-Bryce got his eagle!! Pround of him. He is at boys legion state right now and a academic camp all expence paid trip to Arkansas next week!

-Best friend leaving me for BYU in the fall. Gonna miss her!!

-Gearing up for mine and my best friend, Katherine Hitchcock's sweet sixteen. It's going to be amazing and we are gathering ideas!!

-And looooots of driving!! Sixteen in two months!! where does time go? ;)
Hope you have had a blessed year and I hope to update this more often ;)  Kelsi is DONE with radiation tomorrow. YAY! next antibodies.. antibiotics.. medicines.. scans.. treatments.. but we're getting closer.  Please continue to pray the spots on her lungs are just fungus. Pray for fungus ;) will update soon.


XOXO, aly