Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mess up

Well i was resetting My template... and It deleted some of my settings and my blogging friends... I will try to add them on a different day... But I am busy today. Well sorry, I have learned my lesson for today.I will try to post them on tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I just got an award:)

These are the rules:1. The recipient must link back the the awards creator 2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.3. You must choose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award.5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.7. You must thank your giver.Characteristics for the Smile Award:Must display a cheerful attitude. (not necessarily at all times--we are all human) Must love one another Must make mistakes Must learn from others Must be a positive contributor to blog world Must love lifeMust love kids.

I nominate:
Kim Caten
Heather Matheny
Rosanne Caten
Cynthia Hale
Holly Caten
Thanks you so much for thinking of me Tenara !!!!!!!!! I love blogging sosoosososo much!!!!!!! I love looking at everyone's blog, and I love love love it whenever people post new stuff, and I hope they think that much of my blog... Well thanks Tenara!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Blogger!!!!

Well, my Mom has decided to start Blogging!!!!!!!! I Know she will like it, Because I do... She is excited. If you would like to visit her blog just click HERE.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vote for me I am running for Pres!!! ( Idea stole from Rachel Hale) :)

Weekend News/Labor Day

Alot has happened since my last post. I had a great LONG weekend which felt very very nice. Well first off, on Monday, My family and I went to the Riches to go on the Lake with them and also have a cookout. It was sosoos much fun, other than the fact that I have BIG bruises on my arm from tubing, and the other fact that I can barely move my left side of my head ,because Brother Riches didn't realize how fast we were going on the tube and we flipped, aND mY FRIEND's elbow punched me on my left side of my neck& face. But it was soosososos much fun!!! I was going to bring my camera and post some pictures... but then I forgot it. Of coarse. Well then we got in really really really late on Monday night.. so I was exhousted the next morning. Well, then on Tuesday Bryce had a football game. They lost. But they played really really good. I think the score was to 30 to 6. But they played a super fast and hard team. Bryce played like most of the game, and had a whole whole lot of tackles . Then I got my haircut Tuesday before the game. I forgot to put that first. Well I got like 2 1-2 Inches cut off. It is shorter than I wanted it- But it will have to do. Then that night was my basketball practice. We started Conditioning. It was sosooso hard!!! We had to jump rope... , run like 6 laps..., lift weights in the stinky boys football locker room..., and we also had to do excercizes on a ladder. It was hard , but it will pay off whenever we have our games. In the spring I am doing Track, then in May I will try out for Volleyball. It should be fun... :) Well That is my boring News. Sorry i didnt take any pictures. I brought my camera all the way to Cookville, but then forgot it in the car. And then I also brought it to the football games, but Bryce didnt want his picture made. Well Guess I will see you soon. :)