Monday, November 4, 2013

Elder Lopez and I have worked so hard and we have seen many milagros this past week here in Villa María!! I felt horrible last Monday, but I woke up Tuesday and felt perfectly fine. It was wierd how fast I felt better, but it was a huge blessing because we were talking with people left and right this last week, teaching lessons, knocking on doors and doing it all. We have felt kind of frustrated because we just have not seen the progress with our investigators like we would have hoped. But we continue to work hard all the same. My Castellano continues to get better. I try to open my mouth and talk every single opportunity that I get. I can usually understand all of what people are saying now which is nice. My teaching ability has also improved a lot in the past week. I had asked Elder Lopez that we do more practices during companionship study and those have really helped me.

We have really seen a lot of progress with 2 families in particular. The family Tulian and the Family Arias. I have grown so close to these families, and they really love us also. They are all going to church every week and really turning their life around. Hno. Tulian blessed his grandchild in church yesterday. It was really cool. They are all preparing to go to the temple in Buenos Aires this weekend.

I have learned how to do a little bit of everything in these past few weeks. My cooking skills are improving, I am learning how to sew and wash my clothes very efficiently in a bucket Lol, I am learning how to communicate with people more clearly and to not get frustrated when people don´t understand me. I am trying to implement the atributes of christ ( Ch. 6 of PMG ) more in my life. It can be really frustrating at times though. I am learning how to live with other people who do things a lot differently than I would like. It is hard to not be on your own schedule. I had always liked to do my own thing and go where I want, and it has been a really hard adjustment but I am learning to be flexible and listen to others. Unfortunately, I still have to follow a lot of what other people say because I am still young in the mission and still don´t know a lot of what is going on, but I am learning fast and really starting to catch on.

I had 9 students in my piano lessons this week. That is the most that I have had. They were all members, but it went really well!

We are going to go throw football today by the costanera. It is a super pretty day today. The weather has been really good this past week, but I have felt that it can get pretty hot here. It is spring right now. I always have a hard time calculating the temperature and other things here. Everything is different, Shoe size, Height, Weight, Mileage, Temperature. Why does the U.S. not go on the Metric System? Haha I have actually learned a lot of the culture while I have been here. It is very interesting and so different than the U.S. There are some things that I miss so much about america though. I haven´t seen a single fast food restaurant while I have been here. The food is a lot different. People here drink mate for every meal.

Thank you to those who have sent me emails this last week. It really means a lot. I know that what I am doing down here will have a great impact in my life and will help me and my family one day. I know that we have a father in heaven who loves us and wants the best for us in this life. I know that at times we have challenges in our lives so that we can learn and grow from them. I am experiencing a lot of that here right now, but I love it! Haha Thank you for all the prayers and support. Love you all!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Caten

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